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KMA Interiors is an interior design company in Chicago specializing in sustainable design solutions.

Good design works well, by improving the quality of our lives and saving valuable resources. Our expert design advice guides customers to make the best choices.

Sustainable interior design is about being a responsible consumer. Manufactures using sustainable processes, such as Lee Industries are earth friendly and made in USA products provides jobs in America.

Wellness for your home
Your home should provide a place to rest and become re- energized. By bringing together the colors and materials you enjoy, it will create a place you love to come home to. For example, having a comfortable chair to sit down when you come home, can be the relief you need after a hectic day. Meaningful artwork and accessories will enhance the good feeling of your very own place.
Sustainable Design
Quality versus quantity is not only good for the environment, but better for your pocket book in the long run. Purchasing from local businesses, whenever it is possible, creates a smaller carbon footprint, as well as helps the local economy. Additionally, when using natural and certified green materials, such as Natural Lee by Lee Industries, it is better for your health and the environment.
A sauna is "where health and relaxation meet". KMA Interiors can provide a complete design and sales for Helo Saunas. This Finnish Invention is over 1000 years old. For the ultimate relaxation, saunas or steam rooms can be built into your home.
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